I often wonder why people today delay their response to the Gospel.  It seems when you know you are lost in sin and only Christ can remove that sin, that one would want to be forgiven right then, no sometime later.

Such was not the case in the first century.  When the full Gospel was preached in Acts 2, we read in verse 41 that that very day about 3,000 obeyed.  Moving to Acts 8, the people in Samaria obeyed when they believed (8:12), and the Ethiopian obeyed after just one sermon (8:38).  In Acts 10, Cornelius's household obeyed after one sermon (10:48), and in Acts 16, the jailor and his family obeyed in the middle of the night (16:33).

So, why the difference?  One reason may be people do not see the importance.  Another reason may be people figure they have plenty of time.  Still, another reason may be people do not believe that sin has eternal consequences, or just perhaps it is because they do not want to.  So sad.  So much grace, and so little response!  Hope you are not delaying your obedience.  


Billy  Watkins, Minister/Elder


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